áMy name is Erszebeth Huber, I live together with my husband and my dogs in Styria/ Austria.

our home

My first Yorkshire Terrier "Jacky" I got as a present from my husband. Immediately I felt in love with this breed.


1997 I buyed myself my second Yorkie "Gitti". She was the one I went to exdhibition with for the first time. I git catched by it and since that I particullary take part in exhibitions.


My third dog I buyed in 2000 from the kennel "of New Deal. It was "Witch┤s Victory of New Deal", daughter of the famous Eu,W,Multi Ch Camparis Blueprint. With this dog I was able to win several titles already.


2001 I decided to match "Witchi" with a guest dog from Brasil at the "Of New Deal" kennel, ICH Lake Buena Vista Sazon. I got very beautiful Puppies out of this match. One of the dogs of this match was my "All Night Long of Sun Dream" Amy. This is the bitch, with which I started my breeding kennel "of Sun Dream". Amy was very succesfully taking part in exhibitions. She received several Champion titles.


I repeated the match in 2003 with my second litter and kept a bitch called "Bonny Mea of Sun Dream. She was very successful in show rings. She got lot of wonderful titles in exhibitions, as 5 Champions. In 2005 she received the title"The Best in Austria bred Yorkie" and "Best Yorkie of Austria 2005.


After a long search our Kennel got a new member called "Decoris Secret Lover" Joy. His parents are: Camparis IB MR Magic x Camparis Signature. He is from teh Decoris Kennel. I started exhibitions with him in 2007. With 17 moths he already had 3 Junior Champions from Austria, Hungary and Croatia. I now started several adult Championships, which I want to finish next year.


áI am very proud on my dogs and hoping for great show results and healthy dogs in the future.

Huber Erzsebet 2007